Vicious Plunge: 48 Hour Film

Dark Comedy that was written, filmed, edited, and delivered in 48 hours.

Created By
Josiah Duncan & Zach Watson

Written and Directed By
Zach Watson

Produced By
Abby Peavey

Director of Photography
Josiah Duncan

Assistant Director
Devon Roddel

Location Audio
Joe Hunsinger

Production Assistant
Kristen Watson

Edited By
Adam Allen

Coloring/Post Audio
Josiah Duncan

Hair & Makeup
Abby Peavey

Wilhelmena Dreyer
Alex Westrick
Adam Allen
Devon Roddel

Special Thanks To
Abby & Jim Rockhill

Film made for the 2017 48 hour film project in Indianapolis, IN

  • Ignorance is Bliss

  • State Road 67

  • The Composer