The Hunger

In a world where a virus caused many people to become cannibals, they are mislabeled as zombies by society and hunted down.

Written/Directed/Produced by
Josiah Duncan

Assistant Director
Sam Utley

Original Music by
David Naffie

Joel Wortman
Johnathan Gorman
Silas Green
Jean Roberts
Matt Lehman
Daniel Anderson

Director of Photography
Josiah Duncan

Anthony Campagna

Assistant Camera
Alex Raaen
Ben Thatcher

Digital Imaging Technician
Ryan Shank

Makeup/Practical Effects
Lilly Endorf

Field Sound
Zach Watson

Boom Operators
Kristen Lehman
Adam Allen

Post Audio
Josiah Duncan

Production Assistants
Ben Thatcher
Ryan Shank
Ryan McClain

Ryan McClain

Video Studio Technicians
Alex Newsome
Kenton Little

Special Thanks to
Steve Slavin Real Estate
Joe Sailer
Chris Neilsen

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